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MarsMD Sniper

MarsMD Sniper coil will allow detecting targets efficiently in complex environments (areas with thick vegetation; sites highly contaminated with iron; ruined buildings, attics and vaults).

For metal detectors

  • GARRETT: ACE 250 / ACE 300 / ACE 350 / Euro ACE / ACE 400; GTI 1350; GTI 1500/ 2000 / 2500; AT Pro; AT Gold.
  • MINELAB: X-Terra 3 kHz; X-Terra 7.5 kHz; X-Terra 18.75 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 7.5 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 18.75 kHz; X-Terra 7.5 & 18.75 kHz; E-Trac / Explorer ХS / Explorer 2 / Explorer SE.
  • FISHER: : F2 / F4; F5; F11 / F22 / F44; F75; Gold Bug.
  • BOUNTY HUNTER: Gold; Platinum; Titanium; Quick Draw Pro.
  • TEKNETICS: EuroTek; EuroTek Pro; Alpha; Delta; Gamma; Omega; T2; G2.
  • WHITES: Coinmaster Pro; DFX / MXT; Spectra V3i; MX5.
  • XP METAL DETECTORS: G-Maxx 2; Gold Maxx Power.
  • TESORO: Cibola; Tejon; Vaquero.
  • AKA: Berkut 5; Sorex 7280; Sorex Pro 7281; Signum MFT 7272M.
  • GOLDEN MASK: Golden Mask 4 Pro / Golden Mask 4W Pro / Golden Mask 5 / Golden Mask 5 Plus.
  • MAKRO: Racer; Racer 2; CF 77; Kruzer / Multi Kruzer.
  • NOKTA: Fors CoRe; Impact.
  • RUTUS: Alter71.
  • DETEKNIX: Quest Q20 / Quest Q40; Quest X5 / Quest X10.



83 Responses to MarsMD Sniper

  • Hello,

    please, is it possible to use those coils Mars also for X-Terra 70 ?

    Do these coils have a cover ? Thanks for your answer.


    • Hello,
      These coils are compatible with X-Terra 70 and they don’t need a cover because of durable material they’re made of.
      Best regards,MarsMD

  • Just wonering if any coils will work with the new whites treasure master pro detectors.

    • Hello Chris,
      At the moment there aren’t any coils available that will work with the whites treasure master pro detector. To be compatible with this device, a new coil should be specially manufactured.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • i already have the tiger and love it . do you make the sniper for t2 or g2 platforms? .regards nigel

  • Do you have sniper coil for makroracer ? Pm me for price thanks

    • Hello Alamtunggal,
      Yes, we have Sniper coils for Makro Racer metal detector. To know the price, please contact your local dealer.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • also interested to know if you do the 10khz,12khz 5 pin coil for tesoro machines .

    • And we don’t have coils for Tesoro machines as the latter aren’t multi-frequency devices.
      Best regards, MarsMD

      • Do you have test results on the Sniper coil for the Tesoro Tejon/Vaquero/Lobo/Cibola, 4 pin 17.5 kHz metal detectors that you can inform me about please? Regards, Tim.

        • Hello Tim,
          Unfortunately we don’t have these ones at the moment. Hopefully we’ll shoot the videos in the near future.
          Kind regards, MarsMD

          • Thank you for your prompt reply. I hope to purchase the Sniper coil for my Tesoro Tejon tomorrow from Graeme at your U.K distributor, Unearthed U.K. He has informed me that he is expecting to collect a consignment of coils from yourselves in the morning. I hope to the gods that you have sent some Sniper coils for Tesoro Tejons/ Vaqueros/ Cibolas for him to sell. Regards, Tim.

  • Where can I buy your coils in the USA or the UK. Thank you–hard to find dealer info for your products.

    • Hi Joel,
      We have our dealer in the UK. For contact details, please see our “Where to buy” page.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • perfectly happy with my tiger coil, i have patiently waited one month for stocks of mars sniper coil to reach unearthed uk . Thursday when called to purchase one they didnt want to sell it because the machine was a gf2(t2 clone). As many know a gf2 is sourced from china like the viking and will work perfectly with sniper /tiger or any t2 coil.
    will you supply coil to uk gf2 owners if greame at unearthed uk has a dilemna about selling to us? best regards nigel

    • i have mentioned on a few forums how well i am doing with my tiger/gf2 setup (inc gold two days ago),many gf2 owners have purchased just asking for t2 version ,its only the moment they mention gf2 that they get a morals lecture and told the coils incompatible and might break the machine or coil.
      greame is either serving your needs and selling your coils or he isnt .what would his response be if i said i have a mars viking and want a sniper for it?
      guess you can detect i am not happy about unearthed uk after recent morals lecture.

  • have you sniper coil fisher gold bug pro?

  • Hi
    Are there plans to have a Sniper Coil for the Garrett AT Pro International?


  • do sniper work on makro racer

  • l would like to mention that graeme at uneartheduk is a great guy ,please ignore nigels comments,if they counterfeited marsmd coils,he would buy them,no moral fibre in nigel.i use uneartheduk for free advice,videos and great service.never buy counterfeit clones,it damages the small men!

    • Agreed, Nigel needs to look at his own moral compass!! Buy cheap buy twice, Buy counterfeit buyers beware!

  • is the sniper coil for the AKA machines dual frequency ? (5 and 12khz) if so, how do you change frequency ???

    • Hi Anthony,
      Yes, exactly so. It’s a dual-frequency coil (5kHz and 12kHz).The frequency is switched over by using ‘Krona’ battery.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Graham at unearthed is so helpful I’ve had tips for my machine on how to use it properly second Mars purchase from unearthed great site great guy very impressed with Mars tiger Coill for fisher f75 se not a clone ????

  • How dos this coil handle wet grass falsing on a AKA Signum MFT?

    • Hi Jesper,
      The Sniper coil performs perfectly in wet grass, false signals are kept to a minimum.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • For V3i is v-nulled? I can use it in three frequencies simultaneously?

    • Hi Paolo,
      For the time being, the Goliath and Tiger coils for V3i can work in three frequencies simultaneously. In the nearest time we’ll have the whole product line available, and all of the coils for V3i will be capable of working in 3 frequences, too.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • Hello. Are the V3i coils nulled to work in all three frequencies at the same time?

    • Hi Peter,
      The Goliath and Tiger coils for the V3i can work in all three frequencies at the same time.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Any sellers in Australia for your coils

  • Hello,
    Where can I buy a Mars coil for my Tesoro Vaquero? I can’t find them online.

    • I am in the USA and didn’t see any vendors for my country. Importing would not be cost effective and would then go to another company that sells here.

    • Hello Stefan,
      We’ve replied to your e-mail.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • How can order one in USA.

  • I’ve noticed that there’s no English reviews on the sniper coil does anyone know any?, my coil will be here in a couple of days .

    • Hi Paul, I use Sniper coil on my Tesoro Tejon, purchased from Graeme at, who sells coils for MARS, and have been trialling it thoroughly, and ‘giving it some hard stick’, (full 8hr days)…. It is a very good search coil, it is very light, yet very sturdy, and can take a caning. For iron/trashy ground, it does the job, as well as being sound in clear dirt, so I will not be ‘moving it on over the hedge’.. Hope this helps a wee bit. Regards HH Tim.

  • Hello Mars, Brilliant news! Graeme at has received a consignment of search coils from yourselves this morning, and there is one Sniper coil for my Tesoro Tejon in the box. I’ve spoken with Graeme, and the Sniper coil will be with me tomorrow. Graeme is a real sound man to deal with, and is honest and straight talking, and has a sound sense of humour, which is always a blessing. Fair-play, and all the best to Graeme, I say. Now for the testing. Regards, Tim.

  • Hello Mars, The Sniper coil arrived today from Graeme at, as he said it would. I have AIR-TESTED it on the Tejon, with primary discrimination set at ‘F,’ in foil, faint threshold, and sensitivity barely at red line (no crackle)…. The results surprised, and pleased me…. Old rotten rusty iron spike 9″x 1″square, rejected with faint clicking @ 3″ from coil, (excellent). Two old spikes, (same size as previous) faint one way signal @ 3″ from coil, with a ‘click-click’ reject signal @ 90 degrees, (excellent)…. Lizzie 1 silver hammered 6d, two way signal/both way signal @ 16″ George 111 6d, two way signal @ 12 1/2″ . Goodness knows how much more the coil will pull with the Tejon running flat-out H.O.T, or in all metal. An air test is all it is, simply an air test, however the results are quite impressive for an old ‘beep and digger’. The proof of the pudding will be at the weekend, in the dirt, but so far so good. Regards, Tim.

  • Hi, I already do own the sniper coil, perfect coil.. I use it on a whites VX3 machine.
    My coil did fall +/- 2 mtr to the ground and got a crack on the bottom that I already repaired with epoxy resin.
    Do you perhaps have a cover for it for extra protection?
    Best regards

  • You have TWO-frequency X-TERRA coils, par example 3 & 7,5kHz.

    How we can switch between those two frequencies – via X-Terra control box?

    Does this two-frequency coil works underwater too?

    Thanks and best regards

    • Hello Vik,
      The frequency in the X-TERRA coils is switched not via X-Terra control box, but by using a krona battery. Here’s a video to watch: Yes, this coil also works underwater.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

      • Great. Thank you very much for clarification.

        I have only one more question about those outer contacts on dual-frequency coils.
        How those two contacts input can cope with static electricity accumulated on coil plastic housing on hot days and possibly discharging over contacts with surrounding vegetation?
        Are those two contacts input somewhat protected against possible static electricity discharging?

        Thanks and best wises to your great work.

        • Vik,
          Yes, these two outer contacts are protected. The coils have been in operation for 2 years since their launch, and there have been no problems with static electricity discharging during all this time.
          Kind regards, MarsMD

  • Hi,
    How can I get a list of coils and frequencies available for the AKA line (Berkut-5)

    • Hi Mike,
      For the AKA line there are Goliath, Tiger, Discovery, Sniper available (all of them are double frequency ones: 5 & 12 kHz).
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • There is a huge number of CZ users-and no one makes a DD of any size.
    Would you please consider it? A HUGE number would have their dedicated water units converted over.

    • Hello Lee,
      A Fisher CZ detector isn’t popular in our country so we don’t have these machines in our metal detecting stores.
      Best regards,

  • Hi
    I have a dual frequency sniper coil for my xterra 705,over the last few days have been suffering from terrible interference on 7.5 kHz,when I switch to 18khz it disappeared completely so I put the 7.5 kHz stock coil back on and it is perfect,under the process of elimination this would suggest to me i have a problem with the sniper coil on one frequency only.your suggestions may be helpful.

  • Can i fit one of ur multi frequency coils on my tecknectics G2 plus detector and if so what would the frequencys be . Thanks

    • Hello Stephen,
      No, your Teknetics G2 Plus is a single-frequency machine, so it isn’t compatible with our double frequency coils. Moreover, this device has a rather good frequency, so it doesn’t need another one.
      Best regards,

  • hello

    i miss the frequency of this sniper coil… ? Or did I overlook the information?

    • Hello Olli,
      It isn’t a versatile frequency coil. Each Sniper has a certain frequency depending on each separate detector model this coil has been developed for.
      Best regards,

  • Hello there.

    This is some feedback on the Sniper running on a G2, now a year on of use.

    Firstly it fits well, balances well. Real coverage is slightly less than the standard 11″ but sharper. Depth I would say roughly equal.

    ID runs fine, same as standard coil in AM… including iron bottle tops high and heavy rust…use the fe meter to help those out, but that is the g2 not the coil.

    Still not tested it on salt, I guess it will approach the stock 5″ which runs much cleaner than the standard 11″.

    Main advantages over standard 11″ ?

    Solid build, though it will still take small chips against hard rock.

    Clean signal, the standard coil I used was a lot more sensitive to being knocked.

    More manouverable.

    Hopefully better in salt.

    Almost forgot for not using one – no coil cover

    Worth it? Yes if you want the above improvements , or the tiger coil if it performs as well for added area and depth, not tested it yet.

    To now no problems with it at all.

    Finds? Yes.


    • Hello Anon,
      Thank you very much for being interested in our coils and your feedback. We are delighted to read that you remained satisfied with our product. All our team wishes you happy hunting and awesome finds!
      Kind regards,

  • Hi
    do you do a sniper coil for the golden mask 1+18khz
    kind regards

    • Hello Matthew,
      Yes, our Sniper for Golden Mask detectors is compatible with the Golden Mask 1+18kHz model.
      Best regards,

  • Hello,
    Will you be selling coil covers for the Sniper coil in the USA anytime soon? Thanks

    • Hello Sandy,
      Thanks for your interest in our products.
      All our coils including the Sniper come with the coil covers supplied. For their availability please refer to our US dealer (see our ‘Where to buy’ page).
      Best regards,

  • Hello,
    I use the sniper with my Tesoro tejon and it’s the best!
    I’m going to buy an Equinox 800, do you have a Sniper for this detector?
    Thank you for your reply.


    • Hello Christofer,
      Thank you very much for your feedback. Unfortunately we don’t produce coils for the Equinox 800.
      Kind regards,

  • hi do they fit the questpro

    • Hi John,
      No, our Sniper coil for the Quest 20/40 doesn’t fit the Quest Pro machine as the latter has a different jack.
      Best regards,

  • Ciao.
    I can’t find anyone selling the Sniper coil, for Alter 71 Plus, in Italy.
    Can I know who to buy from?

  • hi , have you planed nokta simplex coils ??
    thanks for your works

  • Sniper pro Minelab Equinox 600???

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