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MarsMD Tiger

MarsMD Tiger coil is the best alternative to standard coils. It provides greater detection depth and good separation of targets lying close together.

For metal detectors

  • GARRETT: ACE 250 / ACE 300 / ACE 350 / Euro ACE / ACE 400; GTI 1350; GTI 1500/ 2000 / 2500; AT Pro; AT Gold.
  • MINELAB: X-Terra 3 kHz; X-Terra 7.5 kHz; X-Terra 18.75 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 7.5 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 18.75 kHz; X-Terra 7.5 & 18.75 kHz; E-Trac / Explorer ХS / Explorer 2 / Explorer SE.
  • FISHER: F2 / F4; F5; F11 / F22 / F44; F75; Gold Bug.
  • BOUNTY HUNTER: Gold; Platinum; Titanium; Quick Draw Pro.
  • TEKNETICS: EuroTek; EuroTek Pro; Alpha; Delta; Gamma; Omega; T2; G2.
  • WHITES: Coinmaster Pro; DFX / MXT; Spectra V3i; MX5.
  • XP METAL DETECTORS: G-Maxx 2; Gold Maxx Power.
  • TESORO: Cibola; Tejon; Vaquero.
  • AKA: Berkut 5; Sorex 7280; Sorex Pro 7281; Signum MFT 7272M.
  • GOLDEN MASK: Golden Mask 4 Pro / Golden Mask 4W Pro / Golden Mask 5 / Golden Mask 5 Plus.
  • MAKRO: Racer; Racer 2; CF 77; Kruzer / Multi Kruzer.
  • NOKTA: Fors CoRe; Impact.
  • DETEKNIX: Quest Q20 / Quest Q40; Quest X5 / Quest X10.


152 Responses to MarsMD Tiger

  • Are the Mars coils available in the United States ?

  • Hello,
    Is the Mars Tiger coil a waterproof?

  • Do the Mars coil have coil cover included?

    • Hi, Marcel van Hest
      MarsMD coils come with no covers. They simply don’t need them because of very reliable decorative layer on the coil.

      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Mars coils available in US? where?

    • Hello, Ollie
      MarsMD coils aren’t available in US yet, for the list of our dealers, please, see our “Where to buy” page.
      Regards, MarsMD

  • Hi, can i have one tiger for fisher f19?

  • Is the Tiger avilable yet for the Teknetics G2+?

  • I have a go find 60 and saw the md hunter go find with a mars tiger coil fitted. Is this an option to do yourself ? Can your coils be bought in Australia ? Can you get instructions to fit the coil & connectors ? Thanks.

    • Hello Michael,
      It was an experiment, we made one-and-only coil to order and aren’t planning to manufacture the coils compatible with GO-FIND series devices in future.
      Thanks for your interest to our products.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • Hi. Do you have available or plan on making available any coils for the Fisher F44?


  • DEAR : do you have search coil for my new MAKRO RACER GOLD . REGARDS

    • Hi SALOOM,
      This detector hasn’t come into the market yet, that’s why now there are no coils for it. As soon as these machines go on sale, there will also be coils.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • Hello,
    i see from the pictures that the coil “rays” are not filled with resin, there will get a lot of mud and dirt inside. Why that?
    Are you planning to make coils cover in future?
    I do understand that the coils are resistant but some people does not want to see scratches on their coils.

    Thank you

    • Hi Francesco,
      Operating experience shows that our coils do not need covers, so we aren’t planning to make these ones in future. If you are confused by scratches, please send the coil to us and we’ll renew its coating.
      Regards, MarsMD

  • Hi, Do you have coils for Tesoro Cortez?:

  • Hello, may i know the weight of the MARSMD Tiger coil for teknetics.

    thank you

  • Hey guys,
    I have a question/suggestion… What would you think about helping us Etrac users?
    The Sun Ray Co. Is no longer making the Sun Ray X-1 integrated pin-pointer for the Etrac anymore, how about a Mars MD version of the the Sun Ray X-1 for the Etrac and or CTX 3030? Please consider it, used ones are selling for more than the new ones did and I’m sure that your engineers already have the knowledge to make this happen… I believe that the demand would be great for such a pin-pointer.
    Thanks for your consideration,

    • Hi Gerry,
      We’ll take into account your wishes, but at the moment we are focusing our efforts on development of our own metal detector.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • How soon will Kellyco get the coil for the T2, thanks.

  • I am ready to purchase a Tiger for my Gold Bug Pro. Where can I purchase?????

  • Do you have search coil for Tesoro Lobo Super Track (GREY Lobo) ?
    If this coil for Tesoro Tejon (17,2-17,6kHz) suitable for Tesoro Lobo (17,8kHz) ?

  • hello there,
    can you please tell me the weight of these coils please..( to suit Makro Racer)
    regards, Ken

  • Hi can you tell me if I can get coils to fit my Golden Mask at 15 kHz please?

  • Looking at Ebay listings I see that the Teknetics Greek coils alpha gamma omega and G2 / G2+ coils are listed seperately. Are they tuned differently for the G2 at 19Khz.


    • Hi Tom Z,
      Yes, you are right. They are tuned differently.
      Regards, MarsMD

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Good to know that they are optimized for the frequency of the detector vs the broad band coils by Fisher Tek and other aftermarket companies.

        If it makes a difference in performance it’s worth it to me even if I have to buy separate coils.

  • Hi. Does the Tiger Coil work on a Minelab go find 60? What frequenzy does it run on? Where can i get hold of one of these coils? Answer back on my Email.

  • Is the mars tiger available for the minelab advantage? thanks.

  • Malaysian here..i want to booking mars tiger coil for my ETP..can You help me sir??

    • Hello Mohamad,
      You can refer to our dealer in Malaysia. For contact information please see our “Where to buy” page.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • looking for a tiger for my xterra 705 and cant find one do you sell direct to USA

    • Hi Vince,
      We don’t sell directly to the USA. At the moment we are carrying on negotiations with the US distributor.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • I live in Doha Qatar, I have a T2 Limited Edition Detector from the US. I am interested in your tiger coil. How can I get this shipped in?

  • Hello,
    Disc ” tiger”
    RACER 2 ?

  • Hi MarsMD guys

    Is the Tiger avilable yet for the Nokta Fors Relic ?

    Regards SonicK

  • and i have another question
    i dont find any informations about the khz switch option
    is it only available for some detektors or is there also coils with that switch options for the fors core?


  • hi , i,m french and i would like to know if i can,t buy a coil for my fors gold nokta and the price please ..

    • Hi Eric,
      It’s a pity, but we’re making coils only for the Nokta Force Core.
      Best regards, MarsMD

      • ok , thank’s for answer , the coil of the fors core is the same for the fors gold …
        so can you give me the price of all the coil for the fors core please ??
        and how can i buy a coil in france

        • Hi Eric,
          For pricing information, please refer to the dealer nearest to you (see our “Where to buy” page).
          Kind regards, MarsMD

  • hi , are you doing a coil for the nokta velox one ??

  • Hi, I am looking for a two frequencies Coil for my Sorex Pro – like the x-Terra
    Unfortunately, I found only 5/12 kHz Mars coils for the Sorex. Have you also coils with higher frequency, like the XTerra 7/18 khz

    • Hi Kirian,
      We have a 14 kHz coil (the highest for your machine), but it has one frequency. As far as a dual-frequency coil for your Sorex Pro is concerned, it’s really only 5/12 kHz coils.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • Does the Tiger coil for the Racer also work with the Racer 2 or is that a different coil?

    • Hi Don,
      It’s not a different coil, the Tiger for the Racer also works with the Racer 2.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • Mars Coil fo v3i are v-nulled?


  • Hi, what is the weight of Tiger coil for Makro Racer?

  • Are the Bounty Hunter coils supplied with the “push-in” type connector?

    • Hi John,
      MarsMD coils for the Bounty Hunter can be supplied either with the standard or the “push-in” type connector.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • hi, whats the two gold bits for on the right side of the coil? ive seen people touch it with a battery! regards paul

  • Really want one. Located in Florida, USA. Can’t seem to find it here. Is there a way to get one?

  • Hi
    Looking at the tiger for my AT Pro also looking at the nel tornado trying to find any comparisons between the two. Also not seen any actual testing or facts how deep the tiger will go .
    Any help would be great
    Many thanks kev

    • Hi Kevin,
      When comparing with Nel Tornado, you should look not at the Tiger, but at the Discovery.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • Hello Mars-team,

    I have Makro Racer 2. I am thinking about your Tiger coil 25x33cm and have a few questions:

    1. Can you tell me, how much deeper I get with this Tiger compared to original Racer coil 29x19cm? I am not sure, if it is worth buying…

    2. I am afraid, that Tiger coil will not hold on one position because of absence of second rubber washer (I read your recommendation). Is is this way? Or is there some other type of rubber washers which allows the use of both?

    3. What about coil covers? I didn’t find them anywhere, so you don’t use covers on Mars coil?

    4. How much Tiger for Racer detector weight?

    Thank for answer
    Best regards

    Radim Hou?ka

    • Hello Radim,
      1. It’s up to each particular searcher to decide whether to buy one or another coil or not by reference to his own search conditions (meadows, woods, trashy areas). You will definitely get deeper with the Tiger compared to the original Racer coil, but there are different factors that affect the depth, such as mineralization, soil moisture, etc. That’s why we can’t give you accurate information not knowing your search environments.
      2. Don’t be afraid, Tiger will hold well even with one rubber washer.
      3. Coil covers will appear until the end of the year.
      4. Tiger for Makro Racer weighs 505 grams.
      Regards, MarsMD

  • Are the Mars coils working well on the Whites VX3 V3i machines?
    I am asking that because those machines are working with 3 frequencies at once.

  • Hi mars,
    I want to get tiger coil for my Atp, it is possible if i buy tiger for Atp as well as for Atg? Soon i want get the Atg machine.
    It is compatible for both machine?

  • When will be Tiger coil for Nokta Fors Relic? I would buy one immediately.

    • Hello SuliK,
      Unfortunately we aren’t planning to make Tiger coils for Nokta Fors Relic at the moment.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • This is one of the best coils to use with the Makro Racer metal detector. It is light, waterproof, strong, excellent target separation and DEEP! Buy this for the Racer, you will not be disappointed!

  • I need a coil for the Go find. Is there a possibility to get one? Los email

  • Hi there,

    I am looking for a new pin pointer and the M@rs MD could be an option.
    I am located in Belgium, where can I buy it?

    • Hi Christophe,
      Thanks for your interest in MarsMD products. You can refer to our dealers in Germany, or France, or the Netherlands.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Dear Team,
    I’d lire to put a coil from you in my Nokta Fors Relic…
    Have you something to suggest to achive better performance without lost in stability?
    Many thank’s..
    PS) i have a Golden Mask 5 dual frequency …..have you something for it?
    Best Regards

  • Hi will the tiger 13″ did fit the minelab go find 40

  • Hello.
    I sent to us few days ago but I didn’t answer…
    I would like to ask : if and when Mars factory will offer coil for my detector? ;-)
    I have to Whites Treasure Pro and I’m intrested in Mars Discavery coil.
    Thank you for answer.

  • Hi,
    I’m aware you don’t have coils for this model right now but do you plan to make coils for the nokta fors relic in the future?
    Thank you for your answer

    • Hello Pierre,
      Unfortunately, we aren’t planning to make coils for the Nokta Fors Relic at the moment.
      Best wishes,

  • Hi
    Just bought a tiger coil. Shipped from U.K. I live in USA. The coil is for Nokia Fots core. The washers will not work. Left one washer on but can not. Tighten the eye. So it’s not lose. Have different bolt set than what’s in the video. Any help. Thanks bill

    • Hello William,
      We do not supply our coils with washers – these come complete with a metal detector. Regarding the bolt, it’s a new option which has been made quite recently but we’ll try to provide all our dealers with this product in the near future so that the customers can acquire them separately.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Hi ,
    is there any plans for you to make a sniper coil for the Rutus Alter 71?

  • It sure would be nice to have some mars coils made for the GM 5 and 5 Plus!!! hint ,hint.

  • Hi I just like to ask would a macro mars tiger coil 13 inch dd fit into my g2 tecnetics metal detector and what price are they thank you .

    • Hello Andrew,
      No, a Tiger coil for Makro machines isn’t compatible with the Teknetics G2.
      Best wishes,

  • Hi just to say on your list of detectors on your web page it says they are ok 4 the g2 tecknetices thanks for the reply .

    • Hello Andrew,
      Yes, a Tiger coil for the Teknetics G2 will definitely suit your machine. But why were you asking about “macro mars tiger coil”? Furthermore, for pricing information please refer to our dealer nearest to you (see our “Where to buy” page).
      Best wishes,

      • The reason I was asking was a metal detectorist fella I know said that was the one I should ask for . I’m sorry for the confusion .i didant realise that there were others sorry about that mars also would I be right in saying that they will go deeper than the coil I have now on my g2 please .its the regulator g2 dd coil again sorry for the confusion and thank you for your reply Andrew take care thanks.

        • Andrew,
          It has been a bit of misunderstanding but don’t worry, everything is ok. Yes, the Tiger will give you better detection depth and more stable operation as compared with a standard G2 coil.

          • Hello sorry I haven’t got back to you but we were in saundersfoot and their Internet was not very good thanks for the reply

  • Hello i have recently bought the Mars Tiger for my Macro Racer2 ,it said in box only fix with one rubber,i have tried that but find it impossible to tighten up enough so coil does not move on its own weight ,with 2 rubbers it is easy to get between detector lugs and cat tighten to stabilise coil easily,is there a reason only one rubber should be used or is it ok to use 2 .

    • Hello Bill,
      What letter marking is there between your Racer 2 lugs? If you can easily insert the shaft between the detector lugs and tighten to stabilize the coil so that the lugs remain straight and don’t bulge out, then it’s ok.
      Best regards,

  • Hello.
    I am trying to find a stockist of the ‘Tiger’ coil for my XP Goldmaxx Power here in the U.K. but nobody seems to have them.
    Can you help me locate a supplier that has them in stock.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Chris,
      Please refer to, our distributor in Czech Republic – they have recently ordered coils for the XP Gold Maxx Power.
      Best regards,

  • Hi
    I live in South Africa – where or how can I buy a Mars Tiger coil for my Makro Racer?

    • Hello Michael,
      You can refer to either European or Turkish dealers (see our “Where to buy” page).
      Best regards,

  • Hi guys, this might be a stranger question but what are the 2 gold contacts for on the top of the coil? As I can tell find any information on the page.


    • Hello Chris,
      These are the contacts to switch between two frequencies (7.5 & 18.75 kHz) using a ‘krona’ battery.
      Best regards,

  • Mines came with a coil cover, do I need to use it as all I have read previously is that they do not require a cover.

    • Hello Dale,
      We ourselves aren’t ‘cover supporters’, that’s why we are all the time aiming at manufacturing the reliable coils made of very durable material so that they really don’t need covers. But still, at our distributors’ request, now all our coils come with the covers. Thus we provide our customers with a choice: it’s up to you to decide whether or not to use the coil cover depending on your hunting conditions. For instance, you can use the coil cover when hunting in rocky terrains. But if you are searching in sandy environments, grass, soft soil etc., you can easily go without this one.
      Best regards,

  • Hi. Have just purchased a tiger coil for fisher f19/teknetics g2+ from a UK supplier. However on the coil itself it says it is for teknetics alpha/ delta/gamma /omega. Is this correct? Is the same coil used for all the above machines?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Gary,
      The coils for the Teknetics G2 and Teknetics Alpha/Delta etc. are compatible, but if you want to be sure you’ve provided your machine with the max possible detecting capability, you need a coil with this very sticker on it. There is slightly different tuning depending on the detector model. So if you want to be 100% confident, please choose the coil with a proper label.
      Best regards,

  • Hi. have you manufacturing project for ather machines ? i’ve a nokta velox and a whites xlt and i would have liked buy a coil for them .

  • Hi, I now do also own the Rutus Alter 71 machine.
    Do you have plans to produce also coils for the Rutus?
    Best regards,

  • Would love to try the Tiger on my NOKTA Impact.

  • Hi there, i just ordered at a local distributor a Tiger coil for my Teknetics Eurotek Pro to replace its small 8″ standard coil. I think this will be a good improvement on this machine.

    So far so good, i´m a little confused if i can use the Tiger coil on my G2 also!? One of your competitors offers just a single coil for all Teknetics models (Euro Tek pro, Alpha, Delta, Gamma and G2, G2+). Also the G2s original 11″DD coil seems to work on the Eurotek Pro too. So i´m still wondering if the Tiger will work on both machines as well?

    Can you tell me more about this case?
    What difference can i expect?

    Best regards

    • Hello Wolf,
      Thank you much for your interest in our products.
      The coils for the Teknetics models are compatible, but if you want to be sure you’ve provided your machine with the max possible detecting capability, you should use the coil for this very machine. There is slightly different tuning depending on the detector model. So if you want to be 100% confident, please choose a properly labelled coil to work with each unit.
      Best regards,

  • Hi. May i know the wire code for tigercoil use on makro racer.
    I need to reshouder the connector.
    5 pin connector

    2. And can the makro racer tiger coil mod tp use with minelab go find 60.

    Many Thanks.

    • Hello Vishu,
      What’s your purpose in resoldering the connector? According to warranty service procedure, any servicing or repair work to your MarsMD coil must be carried out by a MarsMD service and repair center.
      Also, a Tiger coil for the Makro Racer isn’t compatible with the Minelab Go-Find 60.
      Best regards,

  • think i wanna get teh tiger

  • Hi, i own a Golden Mask 4 WD. I requested for 15 kHz and 24 kHz instead of the standard 8 kHz and 18 kHz that comes with the standard detector.
    Will the Tiger coil work on those 15 kHz and 24 kHz frequencies???

    Next question, do you intend to build coils for the Minelab Equinox in future???

    Regards, Ronald

    • Hello Ronald,
      Our Tiger is tuned specially to work with the standard Golden Mask 4. We can’t say you for sure whether it will work on different frequencies or not.
      Regarding coils for the Minelab Equinox, at the moment we aren’t planning to make coils for this machine.
      Best wishes,

  • I am interested in a Mars Tiger or Sniper coil for my 4 pin Tesoro Cibola MD. Do these coils operate at around the 14KHz frequencies and do they have the correct 4 pin arrangement? Thank you

  • i need a coil cover for my mars md tiger coil can you help regards rob

  • Hi what Mars coil will work with my gofind and do I need anything els to fit the coil on…

  • Awaiting my Tiger 13×10 in Mail now.I do not see anything of Fisher F5 field testng with Tiger coil.I hope people are keeping the secret quiet to get head start using the secret I have a Fisher 5 inch DD on it now,love that only want to see if I missed anything deeper.Even in hunted out spots I hit jackpot,think many don’t go slow and take they’re time.Best coins I have got,only were a little bleep from the deep…I fear of not seeing deep targets.If I do well with your coil,will post video review on youtube..HAPPY 2020!!

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