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Farewell winter gifts or the first silver found this year

It was a nice sunny day, and I decided to leave the city and try to find something interesting under the snow…

Every metal detectorist, when going on a treasure hunt, hopes to find something original and exclusive, not just the type of a coin that he had found many times, not plenty of trash, but something really fantastic)) And experienced treasure hunters know how to attract good luck – what they should and shouldn’t do that day to make it certainly lucky!

Having dug up a couple of corroded kreuzer coins and other trash I unexpectedly found my first silver coin this year!

Of course, that was adrenaline, but much more adrenaline was yet to come… A silver-plated hoop earring.

Some round objects as always.

Some unknown parts of unknown things.

And then there came a promising signal at a 15 cm depth. I started digging and saw the bottom of a pot – it sounded like a filled ceramic teapot. I had to dig it out carefully with a knife, my imagination was creating wonderful images of hidden treasures…

But the reality turned out to be not so amazing…

The author of the report used a Mars Tiger coil during his search.


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