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Get ready to hunt in the woods!

Even if most fields are under crop, metal detecting enthusiasts don’t shelve their machines for a long time in waiting until crops are harvested and lands are replowed. A dream about finding a hoard, gold coin or a valuable artifact, such as ancient jewelry, as well as a keen desire to enlarge a collection of denarii or some other coins with new specimen is always in their minds!

At the place where now there is a wood, there might once have been a village.

If you find a path through the woods, surely countless number of people walked along that one, so coins and other interesting things may have been definitely lost there.

That’s why hunting in the woods is a really promising activity))

However, if you want a walk in the woods to be a meaningful searching for artifacts and to bring the desired result, you should be well and truly prepared for it: a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, sturdy shoes, insect repellent, snacks, water… But the most important thing is to be heedful of your dear machine! Spare batteries will give you the confidence your outing won’t turn into a simple walk in the woods))) And don’t forget to take a few coils, such as МarsMD Tiger, MarsMD Sniper or MarsMD 7”, with you.

If you find a valuable item in the woods, it’s advisable to scan the soil around in a 2-meter-or-so radius area – odds are there was an old settlement at that place. When hunting in the field, finds are usually scattered in a ploughed soil and may be spread over a vast territory, whereas in the woods you can discover a high concentration of metal objects in a relatively small area.

Very often an artefact may be buried under a tree, the roots of which make it difficult to detect a thing. And it’s a small sized coil (like a MarsMD Sniper or a MarsMD 7’’), with the help of which you can thoroughly inspect the area around each tree.

Wishing you best of luck with future hunts! Send us the photos of your finds!


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