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Gold cover plate of a fibula & a lunula

Only he who has already found something like that before knows what it feels like when such a thing comes up out of the ground… You toss set the machine aside and start rubbing the find with both hands trying to examine it and to make certain it’s really made of gold… and then you realize that it’s a great moment of your life and it would be good to take pictures))

I didn’t expect to find treasures that day, I met with my metal detecting pals just to have a rest, to walk around, to forget about daily routine and city bustle. All of our team gathered together: four of us as well as our two Aces, two Minelabs, two Mars Goliaths and two Mars Discoveries. Full forward! We’ve realized long ago that metal detecting is the best leisure charging us all with energy.

The first coin found:

The second one:

Finger rings. I tried them on. Too small for me…

Metal detector signals, however, were sounding in harmony with the singing of birds))

We visited that field three years in a row. Having found it long ago by accident, we have already scanned it far and wide, but even after having been plowed over or disturbed in other ways,

it still continues to surprise us – we have never returned ungifted from there. But this discovery was really outstanding!

The coil did a great job! For several years I have been hunting with a Mars Goliath only.

Summer is already coming to an end, although it’s is still so warm in the field… at some point the heat became simply unbearable. We decided to hide in the shadows of the trees and continued our search in the forest. And it was a good idea!

Here’s a Christian cross we found there:

What else can I add? I can’t wait to have another opportunity to go treasure hunting… I have a feeling that next time I will have another chance to find something really cool!

While searching my fellow detectorists used the Minelab X-Terra 705 and Garrett ACE 250 machines together with the MarsMD Goliath and MarsMD Discovery coils, as well as a MarsMD POINTER.


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