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Hey everybody! It’s time for a treasure hunt!

Trac-tor’s report shows so many finds made in one day that some other metal detectorists can envy him, as they did not make that many discoveries in a whole season! Although Trac-tor confessed that this winter was not very lucky for him, too… Real treasures are not like mushrooms, and they do not grow after the rain, and after the snow, too))

The Russian Empire period finds

Long-awaited and always eye-pleasing Roman coins!!!

Coins with labarums (military standards)

Silver buckle

Fragments of artefacts and spindle whorls

A shovel with all the finds!

While hunting Trac-tor used a Garrett ACE 250 metal detector with Mars Goliath coil.

Here you can see his finds made last spring (2016)

And here are the results of summer 2016 field trips


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