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In anticipation of spring: an arrowhead and coins found under the snow.

Hi everyone! The night before I looked at the weather forecast (and they already promised real spring weather), so we decided to go searching in the woods. We did not expect too much snow))) But next morning it turned out that forecasters were a bit wrong))) It was snowing but I happily left the city together with my metal detecting pal Andrew.

Having made our first steps in the forest we were shocked. Hell! Still so much snow!!!))) But we never give up! ))) We searched for an hour and a half anyway)))

Of course my GMaxx was not happy at all to scan in the snow))) BUT even despite all that it helped me find a few coins and a Scythian arrowhead) So I can tell you that it turned out to be not a bad outing.

P.S. While searching the author used an XP GMaxx II detector mounted on MarsMD Universal Shaft as well as a Mars Discovery coil and MarsMD POINTER.


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