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Lady Detectorist’s Chronicles: Looking for mown meadows…

LaraA’s new report was not long in coming!

At a time when most treasure hunters have put aside their machines waiting for the fall and harvested fields, LaraA is not looking for easy ways and is finding coins and artifacts even in the tall summer grass among dense thickets!

Summer is a beautiful time really! While walking in the forest you can find not only farmstead ceramics and coins, but also wild strawberry glades!

So, searches in mown areas resulted in the following finds made:

Scythian artifacts, arrowheads and coins replenished the collection of unearthed objects))

And here are the items found in a field that had already been harvested and ploughed:

All these discoveries were made using the Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector and a MarsMD Tiger coil.

LaraA’s report describing her previous detecting outings is here.

We wish you all good luck and lots of awesome finds!!!


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