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Late autumn outing in the woods can yield… a medieval brooch!

Mariusz Jazdzyk and his November find

Medieval brooch, around the first half of the fourteenth century. The brooch consists of three arches, referring to Gothic architecture. Between each of them there is an acorn-shaped tab. One of them was adapted to attach a needle. The most popular medieval brooches had a round shape.

Such as this are also known but rarer and usually consist of four or six arches. This type of brooch was used by both men and women. They were used to tie tunics, dresses and capes, usually around the neck. In this case, most likely, we are dealing with a brooch for a women’s dress, it is not big enough for a cape for a male rider. Items of this type have often been given, for example as an engagement gift. Given the material, which is gold-plated silver, as well as craftsmanship, it undoubtedly belonged to someone wealthy.

Finder: Mariusz Jazdzyk, the UK
Using: Rutus Alter71 + MarsMD Sniper coil
Find: Medieval brooch dating to the early 14th century AD

The primary source material can be found here (in Polish).


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