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MarsMD coils for Rutus Alter71

What can be said about the Rutus Alter71, a Polish made metal detector? Soon after its launch, many hobby enthusiasts started wondering whether it was worth purchasing or not. However, among advantages of this device are lots of different features and functions, its configuration, smooth frequency change (4-18 kHz)… And now the MarsMD Sniper, MarsMD Discovery and MarsMD Goliath coils have become available for this machine, too!

More about MarsMD GOLIATH coil

More about MarsMD DISCOVERY coil

More about MarsMD SNIPER coil

Always Available Coils for Metal Detectors:

  • GARRETT: ACE 250; ACE 300; ACE 350 / Euro ACE; ACE 400; GTI 1350; GTI 1500/ 2000 / 2500; AT Pro; AT Gold.
  • MINELAB: X-Terra 3 kHz; X-Terra 7,5 kHz; X-Terra 18,75 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 7,5 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 18,75 kHz; X-Terra 7,5 & 18,75 kHz; E-Trac / Explorer ХS / Explorer 2 / Explorer SE.
  • FISHER: F2 / F4; F5; F11 / F22 / F44; F75; Gold Bug.
  • BOUNTY HUNTER: Gold; Platinum; Titanium.
  • TEKNETICS: EuroTek; EuroTek Pro; Alpha; Delta; Gamma; Omega; T2; G2.
  • WHITES: Coinmaster Pro; DFX / MXT; Spectra V3i; MX5.
  • XP METAL DETECTORS: G-Maxx 2; Gold Maxx Power.
  • TESORO: Cibola; Tejon; Vaquero.
  • AKA: Berkut 5; Sorex 7280; Sorex Pro 7281; Signum MFT 7272M.
  • GOLDEN MASK: Golden Mask 4 Pro; Golden Mask 4W Pro; Golden Mask 5; Golden Mask 5 Plus.
  • MAKRO: Racer; Racer 2; CF 77; Kruzer / Multi Kruzer .
  • NOKTA: Fors CoRe; Impact.
  • RUTUS: Alter71.

For more information on purchasing access, please contact the dealer nearest you.


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