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More than just a treasure hunt, or Beauty of nature and good finds

A metal detectorist is a state of mind. It’s not just a treasure hunter, a fan of adventures who lacks some adrenaline, it’s also often a romantic person who loves beautiful views of nature and could willingly waste his time taking lots of wonderful pictures. The photo report by a person nicknamed Rus-prim below is the proof of it – all pictures of nature have been taken with love and it’s a real pleasure to look at each one of them.

To judge by the number of interesting items unearthed, however, Mr Rus-prim is not only a good photographer but also a successful finder)) Among his discoveries there are coins from different ages in history as well as interesting artifacts.

Dear Mr Rus-prim, we wish you lots of new awesome finds and hope you will share some new nice pictures with us again!))

While  searching the author used the Garrett ACE 250 detector with a MarsMD Goliath coil.


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