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Nice discoveries on ancient Scythian lands

Scythian art masterpieces continue to amaze with their unique style even today. Zoomorphic stylized artefacts of these ancient nomads impress with skilled performance. Each item, be it a bridle part, a plaque, a sword handle, a buckle or a bracelet, presents a complete and thoughtful composition. And looking at a newly dug find, you start wondering about the role it played many centuries ago – maybe it was a magic amulet, or it symbolized some spirit or its owner’s traits such as strength, agility, courage etc…

These plaques have been found quite recently in a harvested field, while hunting with the Minelab X-Terra 705 machine and a MarsMD Tiger coil:

Here is another interesting find belonging to the Koban culture, about which the author of the report wrote: “This is already the third semurgh in a row…”

In fact, LaraA’s yet another report is written with enthusiasm: “…Rubbing my hands in anticipation, I was looking at farmers harvesting endless fields. If you close your eyes, you can imagine how this place looked a few thousand years ago when life was in full swing here… On a high hill where strong winds blow there used to be an enormous fireplace in a stone ring. Kids were playing around the fire, women were doing some routine work and men were gathering there, too… And behind the fireplace there was a semicircle of huts covered with animal skins…

Gradually our ancestors moved closer to the water, to lowlands, where today one can find pieces of ceramics and coins… So, I invite you to walk with me on the lands where ancient tribes lived”… and each picture gives lots of positive emotions))

Have you ever seen such bouquets?

And what about such a beast?

The autumn season is in full swing, and LaraA has already got so many finds that other hobbyists couldn’t discover even in five years…

The report describing a few summer outings is here.

The full text of LaraA’s latest report can be found at the Violity forum.

We wish you good luck and lots of amazing finds!!!


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