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Prolific meadows of Chernihiv land: a great many finds!

My detecting pals never fail to amaze me with their items found. Valley fields without thick vegetation and a nearby river or lake are a 100% guarantee that these lands used to be inhabited by someone before, and thus are potentially good places to hunt with a metal detector using a large coil, which is most effective for this environment, – such as a Mars Goliath.

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And look how many unique finds were made while metal detecting on meadows in Chernihiv region over last 6 years!

My first metal detecting experience and first good finds (2010): a treasure trove and things lost by a miller:

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A 5.2 gram signet ring, early 19th century (2011)


A Kievan Rus mace head (2012)


A Cossack portable inkwell (kalamar) (2013)


A purse (2013)

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Early 2014

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A Russian Empire 50-kopeck coin

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Year 2016 recently presented me a quite rare and unique coin of Bryansk Prince Dmitry Olgerdovich (who ruled from 1370 to 1377), which was found on the meadow, too:


Now our group of metal detecting buddies are planning to hunt for treasures in the woods))


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