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Ridden by superstitions: reasons to leave your camera at home

Which field is rich in good finds? What things one should take when going on a hunt and who would be the best detecting partner to go out? Experienced treasure hunters draw conclusions from their trips and, taking into consideration the number and value of finds recovered, often notice certain patterns. And the author of this report also saw some regularities: “…there is a predicted pattern when having the camera in my pocket I find nothing that day and vice versa –  when I get plenty of items unearthed and no camera on me and take pictures at home later on. On one of my outings I took a few pictures in the field actually. It took so long to wait till that field had been ploughed up.

Finally I got there (having left my camera at home that day) and found a few things: a couple of denarii and a fibula, not too much in fact. Next time I took the camera and picked up just one denarius coin in the same field. After that I didn’t visit that site anymore. Later I went out a couple of times with my machine searching for medieval things at other places and before that I had made a Chernyakhiv culture discovery, I will add the picture of it at the end of the report.

Well, and here is the most awesome item. I found this one at such a popular and heavily hunted out site that I was shocked to see it there! Some metal detecting pals whom I personally know had been there a little while before my visit. And I am very grateful to them for missing it! :)”

The author of the report managed to pick up a great find owing to the Garrett ACE 250 metal detector with a MarsMD Goliath coil.


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