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So amazing coins found in winter forest! (They are not Roman!!!)

The sun melted the snow cover – so it’s time to go treasure hunting! These two friends decided that it was too long to wait till spring comes, and since fields and meadows were frozen, well, why not going to the woods? And the guys made really interesting winter discoveries!


This is how they describe that day:

“Winter came to power very quickly this year. Everyone’s happy that there’s so much snow, however, treasure hunters are a bit down in the dumps. But one sunny day made us happy. The sun melted the snow and we at once felt a desire to take our metal detectors and shovels and rush outside the city. Indeed, there was no snow, but frosts made the ground on fields and meadows as solid as concrete. But that did not stop us at all. So me and my friend decided to go treasure hunting, at least just to enjoy walking with metal detectors. We drove at random. All our favorite spots were frozen, it was impossible to dig there. So we decided to search in the woods along the river Psel.


I was shocked: just after the arrival I hit the ground with the shovel and it was so solid that I hit my hand instead. But as soon as we came into the woods we saw a soft soil untouched by frost, and my mood jumped sky high as if I had won a million! Hooray! Here we go! I spent the first hour wandering around and detecting just some metal trash. But anyway I enjoyed the process. Suddenly there came a deep signal and I dug out a back part of a fibula. I rarely find such things. And I immediately thought: denarii could be found somewhere nearby, as I remembered my detecting pals’ stories about denarii found in the woods. Less than in 10 minutes there came another signal, I took a shovel and something small looking like a seal or a coin jumped out of the ground.


To tell the truth, I spent much more time searching for it among the fallen leaves rather than digging it out. But that’s ok, tomorrow my new Mars pinpointer will be delivered, and next time I will easily find a small metal thing among the fallen leaves. The metal thing which I dug out turned out to be a small coin. I took off the gloves, rubbed it and saw a picture of a man with a spear. My fingers became numb, was it a Roman coin? Really? Has my dream come true? I called my friend on the radio. He came and was also surprised with the small size of the coin. He said that it did not look like a Roman coin. He proposed to scan the spot. But our Mars Goliath and Mars Tiger coils could not work close to each other at a 18.75 frequency. So my friend had to move 10-15 meters aside. I kept on searching at the same spot and found several bottle caps and 2 more coins within a radius of 3 meters. I was really happy!

img_0449_800 img_0445_800 2016_12_21_12_43_53_800

Later that day I also found a Christian cross, a 10-copeck coin dated 1935 and two more Soviet coins dated 1961 and 1962. And my friend found some pre-reform coins.


Two of those unusual finds were later identified as Chersonesus bronze coins with the image of the Byzantine Emperor Justin I, and the third coin turned out to be the Emperor Justin I pentanummy. The author made these discoveries with a Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector and a Mars Tiger coil, and his friend used a Mars Goliath coil.


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