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Solid – a find that makes you happy!

Two days of searching resulted in a great success! …Solid was a Roman gold coin issued in 309 AD by the emperor Constantine, it weighed 1/72 of the Roman pound and replaced Aureus as the main Roman gold coin! …And here it is among many other different finds, most of which the author describes as ‘trash’)) but nevertheless takes all of them home because they all are the small bits of our history…

The author tells his story:

“I haven’t written reports for ages, so today I decided to show you some pictures of my discoveries dated 15/08/17 and 17/08/17. Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of all the finds, only the most interesting ones… I searched on a very interesting spot, I used to find some items there before. Although it had been a long time since I had been there as I considered that site to be hunted out already. However, as it turned out, I was wrong – there’s still a chance to find something valuable there… To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect to achieve such a result.”

A snapshot of my finds made on the first day.

Here I am again at the same spot, and here is the first coin found.

After digging up that coin I could not find anything for a long time, wtf? The day before yesterday I was lucky but afterwards it wasn’t fun at all…

Suddenly I got a perfect signal and picked up a thing, and my first thought was ‘oh man, a Soviet 3 kopeck coin, and besides, not in a good condition(((

All the trash that I found during the second day. And believe me, on the first day the amount was nearly the same. (But I took everything home).

And that’s what I’ve been looking for: a Roman coin!…

Thank you all for watching, I wish you good luck and many good finds!

The gold solid and all other finds were made with a MarsMD Goliath coil))


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