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The pouring-out-of-the-ground finds )) What’s the secret?

Fields rich in Scythian ceramics, along with the Chernyakhov culture slopes, are filled with such fascinating finds as ancient jewelry, various fragments, fibulas and, of course, coins!.. Thus the report summing up the first trimester 2018 outings done with a metal detector is getting more and more likes and comments)) And that is not surprising as it contains the extremely beautiful pics of sunsets and forest nature harmoniously combined with the X-Terra 705 machine and MarsMD Tiger coil depicted, as well as a bulk of various amazing discoveries recovered.

So, what’s the secret? Maybe it’s just a matter of luck? Or, perhaps, that’s because the enthusiast is a pretty girl and finds simply pop out of the ground into her hands?

Or maybe such a result can be explained by persistence and devotion to the metal detecting hobby?

Or possibly it is just a competent approach?))

That girl nicknamed “LaraA” really surprised everyone!

Experienced detectorists are writing the comments kinda “There is definitely a secret, right?))”

And LaraA’s response is that “There is no secret, it’s just the persistent search for the Scythian or Chernyakhov culture ceramics – moving forward and backward, from right to left, clockwise/counterclockwise… Seriously. And, of course, it’s desirable to be the first to walk through the field after it has been plowed))” … So, it looks like she would like to keep her secret, or maybe there is no secret at all really.

Anyway, we wish you good luck while hunting and look forward to reading more new reports!

Source: the Violity forum.


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