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Trak-TOR’s new trophies. Summer 2016.

This guy as always makes great discoveries in company of his tireless metal detecting friends! The results of Trak-TOR’s summer treasure hunt impress with variety and good quality of the finds!

img_4114_s_buldozerom_na_traktore_800 img_4007_kopary_v_pole_800

Choosing the further route – is an important point!


Denarii stuck together #1


Denarii stuck together #2


A cool couple of coins!


Antoninianus coins:

img_4070_antonynyan_800 img_4151_antonynyan_800 img_4152_obratka_antonynyana_800

(An Antoninianus coin differed from a denarius coin with a somewhat larger size. Also the emperor’s portrait on an Antoninianus coin was not laurel-wreathed, instead it was minted with a solar crown).

img_4134_800 img_4210_trofey_buldozera_800 img_4191_lopata_800 img_4193_trofey_krupnym_planom_800

Trophies after visiting a bathhouse:

img_4391_skladen_sv_nykolai_800img_4432_denaryy_s_ant_traiana_detsyia_800 img_4433_revers_t_detsyia_s_denaryiamy_800 img_4400_spynky_fybul_y_pyntsety_800 img_4405_priagy_koltsa_y_td_800

Here you can see the items found by the same company of friends during spring-2016))

While hunting Trak-TOR uses the Garrett ACE 250 with a Mars Goliath coil.


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