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Unique finds: a sword bearing a proof mark and perfectly preserved fibulae!

Great discoveries have recently been made on the place where nowadays there is nothing but a plowed field. The most valuable finds are a sword marked with recognizable stamped Latin letters “S” and “P”, and perfectly preserved whole fibulae.

The latter are a really rare find, taking into account the fact that in most cases people unearth just broken fibulae without fastenings, or only some parts of them.

Here is a good example of how you can spend a weekend – to get together with your pals armed with metal detectors and go treasure hunting – hoping to find some historical artifacts!!!

Those fellow enthusiasts expected to “walk back” to the period of 250-300 years ago, they were looking for coins and suddenly got an interesting non-ferrous signal! And the first discovery that surprised them was a bronze plate. Also, at the same spot they found the burial site of a Chernyakhov culture warrior.

Those amateur archaeologists deserve respect, since they gifted their discovery consisting of 14 items (buckles, a lock, knives and arrow heads) to the Ivano-Frankivsk Museum of Local History.

Judging from the finds, it had been a grave of a valorous warrior. The sword had been bent in accordance with an old Slavic tradition. It meant that his arms had been laid down, for him the war had been over…

Had those items not been found, in the next five years or so they would probably be destroyed by plowing. Most likely they would be crashed into small parts and lose their historical value, people would find just their elements looking like trash…

Those unique finds were made with the Mars Tiger and Mars Goliath coils.

P.S. That was the second big historical find gifted by these metal detecting pals to the museum!


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