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What a successful end of the 2016 season!

There should not be a long break between closing the previous season and opening a new one! Here is my report on several winter outings))


Greetings to all. Wow, I have just looked out of the window, the snowstorm is whirling… I am so happy that I have already opened the new 2017 metal detecting season at the beginning of January! Now the weather is snowy and frosty so perhaps I will have to wait till spring comes… Though there are some crazy guys who don’t care about the weather and go searching under any conditions, and I envy them a bit… Maybe I could also go out but where to dig in winter? In my area there are just many fields around that are covered with snow, there are no woods nearby…

So here are the photos from some of my winter treasure hunts: three of them occurred in December when the weather was warmer, and also I went out once already after the New Year, thereby opening the new season in January 2017)).

In late December the temperature rose above 0 °С, the snow melted and I immediately drove to the fields, but OMG, water turned the fields into a real muddy swamp where you could get stuck and stay forever.


So I drove to a dry island, and it was a pleasure to hunt there. I saw a swell of the ground from where I dug out several 18th-19th century coins, it was in thick grass close to water, I have been there before at least five times.

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My last hunt in December 2016 was very successful, I didn’t even expect such a good result as I went there just to ‘tick the box’ and close the season. The results of how I closed the 2016 season.


And the opening of a new 2017 season was not so nice – it was frosty, snowy, I dug so hard that my hands got blisters. I took home some frozen balls of soil to get my finds out of them at home… But anyway, the season was opened!


While hunting the author used a Mars Tiger and Mars Goliath coils.


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